At Further Confusion 2010

Overzen and I are at the Further Confusion 2010 con! We're staying at the Fairmont hotel, room 422. I brought a variety of games with us, and I hope to get a chance to play them this con. I brought Dominion, Small Worlds, Ticket to Ride, Fluxx, and Monty Python Fluxx.

As a request, does anyone know Astolpho? He did a water color in my sketchbook last FC, but I never received it in the mail. Fortunately, I've got scans of most of the sketchbook sketches, but I will miss my sketchbook. If he's here at the con, I'd like to ask him about it.

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Paws a moment to shout out

Just a fast comment, because I'm terribly late in posting this.  I'm in the Socorro and Albuquerque area until the 16th of January.  I'd like to get together with everyone here.  I'm in Socorro this week, but will be spending Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Albuquerque.  I'll be pretty free this weekend, so I can spend it either in Albuquerque or Socorro.  (I will need to do laundry on Sunday, so I'll probably be in Los Lunas for a chunk of the day.)

Yes, I'm incredibly bad for not posting about this until today, the second day in Albuquerque.

That said, I'm kinda bogged down right now with work related stuff, so I won't be able to do much more than have a dinner for the next few days of this week.

So, impromptu fur meet in Abq?  Does Ari, Sabot, Skitzycat, Shimmerfox, and Carol have a moment before FC?

In any case, I hope that you all are doing well, and that you've had a good new year so far!
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 Not too much to say.  Or, rather, I've got a lot of things to say, but they always turn out ranty and angry.  I've already rejected about 5 posts since the election.  I'm not into subjecting the people on my friends list with the disappointment and anger that I had with the anti-gay amendments that passed nation-wide.  Again.  It's very similar to the anger that I had in 2006 and 2004.  I'm just glad that the Federal Marriage Amendment never made it out of congress, as I have little faith that the people of the States would reject such bigotry, especially if their religious leaders were encouraging them to support it.

Argh!  I said I wasn't gonna be ranty....

We went to the protest outside the Mormon Church last Friday, and I intend to go to the national protest tomorrow.  To find the details, click on the banner below.  (To include the banner in your own LJ: <a href=""><img src="" alt="Join the Impact!" ></a>)

Join the Impact!
For the locals, I hope to see you there if you can make it.

(no subject)

It's that time again, the time when I make it past the rotting carcasses of unfinished posts, and give everyone an inkling of what's been going on.

Technical stuff first, Collapse )

I've settled in quite nicely here in Sandy, UT.  The house we're renting is very nice, and Ken and I put in work over the summer to improve the front flower gardens and keep the yards looking good.  Ivory is rather spoiled since I work at home now, and both her and Nerrin take long naps on the couch while I work.

We've got a number of furry friends here who we try to keep things interesting.  Some we knew before, and others we met after getting up here:
    •    T-Wolf: Laid-back downstairs basement dweller.  We had a spare bedroom, and decided to fill it with wolf.  He wanders out into the streets for work and fun purposes.  He hasn't got hit by a car yet, so Ken and I aren't too worried about his roaming habits.
    •    Hobbes Da Dawg: Burnese mountain dog furry, and part-time evil gun-slinger/luster of wimmins.
    •    Wipeout: Weightlifter with horrible, nasty, no-good working hours.  Seriously, starting work at 3 AM just is a whole bunch of stink.  And not the good kind.
    •    Digital Dragon: Digi brought a whole bunch of friends up from the far-away land of Provo.  He is always enthusiastic, very thoughtful, and a bringer of authentic J-Dogs!
    •    Ren: Hyperkinetic cat thingy.  He's pursuing his dream to become a chef, and I'll wish him luck.  He experimented using recipes of evil and tomatoes, but fortunately they were delicious.  (No one even turned into a zombie, so he's definitely needs to work on his evil.)
    •    Gecko: Quiet, laid-back fellow from the Provo area as well.  Nice guy, and fun to play games with.
    •    Dingo: Gone missing.  Rumors abound that some sort of weird Australian dinosaur has taken up residence at his place.
    •    Hamster: Despite his protestations, his nickname reveals him to be an obvious furry.  Besides, he asked questions about the Socorro Rocky Horror's Sexually Harassing Panda, and nobody but furries asks questions about SHP.

If I skipped anybody, it's most likely that I forgot your name or couldn't think of anything terribly witty to say.

So, there.  Nerdy and furry, all in one post.  I think if I added political to this post, it would never get posted.  So, here you guys go!
Oh, one question.  Does anyone know an easy way of seeing if anyone responded to a comment that you made in another person's journal entry, short of revisiting the journal entry?

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A Call for Heroes

I'm doing very well in Salt Lake City. Living with Ken has been a happy experience. We both have been insanely busy, though. Every other week, Ken leaves for his Rotations at 7:30 AM and returns after midnight. I've been pulling in more than a few all-night+next work day shifts myself (about 36 hours or so). I'm usually brain-fried by 3 PM the second day, so I'm trying to cut back a bit.

While work promises to remain intense for the next few months, I'm getting the itch to run a role-playing game again. I developed a sample adventure a few years ago. The sample characters and the setting have kept rattling around in my head, so I'm going to expand and turn the thing into a multi-part adventure.


Far from the baroque halls of Harrowsgate, the small village of Gaisce sits in a natural stable meadow near the river Skirfane. The farming community is the last meaningful stop along the river. The Skirfane then descends into a steep canyon that ends at the rocky cliffs a day's travel away.

It has been long since the mercenary armies of the Bisclavret King Riddock decisively routed the Rinaldi fox nobility and confiscated the forests for the wolven lords. Sandwiched between more powerful lords, the Count Zacharius Repense and the Countess Moriah have maintained a peaceful community. The count and countess are considerably eccentric, but are beloved by the townsfolk.

Quiet places are the best places for secrets, and Gaisce-on-Skirfane has quite a few. A few outsiders have settled in the area, hoping to forget the past and start a new life. While perhaps a bit poor and rustic for many, it's an easy place to be lost from the rest of the world.

However, the scheming eyes of enemies are have noticed its position in Calabria. Will those that have settled and hidden in Gaisce rise to the defense of the quirky locals and its strange lords? Change is coming to Gaisce, and it will join the Great Game of the Houses. Will it survive?
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At the close of the house

Today, the buyer closed on my house!  Tomorrow morning, I close on the house, then drive up to Sandy, Utah.  Ken, here I come!

All is not good news, however.  Last night, my realty agent suffered a minor stroke.  I'll be bringing flowers and a card to the closing so that they can be given to her.
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Still in Socorro

I'm still here.  The grad student buying my house pulled out of the offer.  Through a series of contractual adjustments, his parents are buying the house instead.  While I don't get the earnest money this way, we also avoid having to go through the battery of appraisals and inspections.  The parents have hired someone with Power of Attorney for closing, and paid for the extra appraisal (as they'll be renting to their son).  I had my extra expenses folded into the contractual modifications as the buyer's or buyer's realtor's responsibility.

We're just waiting for the mortgage company to approve the parents' loan.  It's not over until the closing papers are signed.

I'm betting that the grad student didn't get the mortgage he was approved for.  It pisses me off, as I did plenty of investigation of my own finances before I even started house hunting, four years ago.  The raw math isn't that hard, and banks provide on-line mortgage calculators to help you out.

Over this last weekend, we packed up all the remaining stuff into the PODs.  While the POD-people can be very flexible for pickups and drop-offs to/from their storage facility, you can't ship your POD with only a day or two notice.  I've been impressed with their service; they've been very conscientious and helpful.  I kept the previous shipping date, so my stuff will be in a warehouse in Utah by Friday.

I, however, may still be here.  I hope not.  There's very little left: my mother's air mattress with sheets, a single towel and washrag, a suitcase containing my clothes, medicines, and personals.  A single folding table, a single folding chair, and a dog bed.  The house is empty, and echoes slightly.  The kitchen contains only paper plates and bowls, plastic cups and plastic utensils.  I even packed the microwave oven.  The convection oven works just fine, and should be all I need.

I thought about heading up to Utah today, even with the delayed (and variable) closing date.  Unfortunately, should the deal fall through, the insurance penalties for an unoccupied residence are severe, and I won't have much reserves in such a scenario.  I'm not in danger of dying financially, but things could potentially go less wrong if I stay here.

Just waiting so I can start the long drive toward Sandy.
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(no subject)

  The housing inspector will be here this morning, so I'm a bit terrified.  I just know that they'll find some sort of invisible elephant of a problem that I was completely unaware of, a problem so heinous that I'll be forever stuck in my house.  It's an irrational fear, to be sure.  The inspector will find problems for me to fix, but my house is in pretty good condition.

Well, it's April 1st, a day infamous for making the internets useless for teh lulz.  I won't insult your intelligence with a poorly done joke.

Growing up, my little sister was always the prankster (not just on April Fools) and I was the straight man.  She short-sheeted my bed on more than one occasion.  I also got the salt-pepper taffy candy, as well.  Just be cautious when your siblings decide to be extra nice to you.

At least I wasn't her friends.  They got the fish candy.  (Ewww!)  Fortunately, cats love fish candy, and they ate most of her stash.

Now, some really amusing images for this jokester day.  These aren't that big, file-wise, so it should be okay to show without a cut.
I choose you, Obama!

The following comic proves that ninjas make almost everything better, even scientific inquiry:
Ninja Science!

Packing and Parting Parties

The closing date could not be moved for the buyers, so I will be closing on Monday, April 21st. I'm sending this message out in my LiveJournal, the NM Furry mailing list, and to a series of my Socorro friends who can hopefully pass it to all the people that I don't have email addresses for.

Packing Parties

Dates: April 12th, April 13th
From: 8 AM to about 4 PM
Where: My house

What We'll Be Doing: Loading my furniture into storage PODs. Move trash to the dump on April 12th as needed. Packing stuff into boxes. Some stuff will be available for free, if you want it, or I'll drop it off at the thrift stores later on.
What to Bring: You might want work gloves.  Mark will be bringing furniture dollies, but regular dollies and other things that are useful for moving things may be useful too.
What Will Be Provided: I'll have water, diet sodas, and either pizza or sandwiches for lunch.
What You'll Get: I'll be taking people who help me out to the Socorro Springs Brewery and treat you to dinner at 4:30 PM.

Going-away Parties

Dates: April 11th, April 12th
From: 7 PM to midnight

I'll have water, diet sodas, and either pizza or sandwiches. Bring your own beer, but be prepared to either drink it or take it back home with you. Bring desserts, salads, or main courses, if you'd like!

The April 12th party is the "furry" party, but anyone may attend either. I recommend that people come in costumes, fur-suits, or action-figure outfits: I welcome all Jedi, Klingons, Logan's Run Runners, and Rocky Horror assholes! Especially for the 12th, we should have plenty of unconventional conventionalists!

My TV, DVD players and sound system will be packed by myself in the following week, but my movies and games will be boxed and unavailable. So, bring your favorite board games, card games, moves, and video games! (I have a Wii with two controllers, and a PlayStation 2.) For the 12th, folding tables and folding chairs will also be well appreciated.

If you can't make it, I do hope that I'll see you before I go. If that isn't possible, I will be making occasional trips back to New Mexico for work purposes every couple of months.

Thank you all, Techies, Furries, Gamers, Nerds, Drama-geeks alike. I've lived in New Mexico since I was 11 in 1986, and I've lived in Socorro almost continuously since 1995. I hope to get a chance to see you all one last time before I leave this state and travel north to be with Ken.

Directions from Albuquerque:
  1. Leave Albuquerque going south on I-25.
  2. Take exit 150 for Socorro.
  3. The exit will merge to California Blvd.
  4. Turn right at College Avenue. (The Smiths Supermarket will be on your right.)
  5. Go straight at the 4-way stop between College Avenue and Franklin St.
  6. Take the next left onto Caine St. Google Maps and Yahoo Maps have this road mislabeled as Franklin St.
  7. Go straight through the stop sign at Caine and Short St.
  8. My house is on the fourth house on the left, with the red roof. 710 Caine St.